King Of Riga

For the past few years Riga has become one of the top destinations for excellent parties. Whether it is stag do, holiday trip or simple cultural events. And how not... Riga has it all. The great variousity of daytime activities such as guided city tours, more extreme experiences like real gun shooting with world famous firearms and many more. Riga is ready for anything. Join the journey and choose the tour!

Riga Paintball tour


Riga Clay Pigeon tour


Riga Brewery Tour


BBQ, Beer and Striptease


Riga Limo Strip Party


Riga Party Bus Tour


Axe Throwing Experience


Summer or Winter Bobsleigh


Private Male Striptease Show


Riga Sailing with Boobs


First Mir VIP Table


Coyote Fly VIP Table


Riga Hot Sauna Party